This has been a pretty crazy year on many levels but as I get towards the end of the year I reflect on a lot of things I’m thankful for. Here is my top 6 list:

  1. Top of the list is my wife, she is amazingly supportive and everyday I thank God she is in my life.
  2. Family has been very supportive this year. Both my family and my wife’s.
  3. Lucy my Golden Retriever, she’s sooo awesome!
  4. MindTouch, a great company to work for along with a great product to be associated with
  5. Essentials – I’m thankful for having the basic necessities that we take for granted like shelter and food
  6. Anyone reading this – Thank you for taking time to read my blog

I know I haven’t been writing often, but that is kinda how I roll. If you want more frequent updates definitely follow me on twitter: @coreygans

I hope you have a wonderful holiday!