Toronto Here I Come, Eh?

I am heading on vacation to Toronto. I have never been there so am excited to see what the city is like. Keep checking my blog to see pics of the great white north.

Take off hoser!

Hot Time Summer in the City

About two or three weekends ago I went to Chino Latino in minneapolis. When we sat down I looked at the menu and couldn’t stop laughing becuase it was a perception drawing. You could turn it upside down and see one thing and a different thing right side up. We were out for a friend’s birthday party. Check out the sweet photo I took of the menu.


This blog is dedicated to anybody trapped at home that wishes they could get out and see the world. I will be putting my exploits(if you will) on here along with pictures to give you a chance to relive your youth and live vicariously through me. I am in my lower twenties and work for MindTouch( in Saint Paul, MN. I will be playing catchup for the next couple of days to record some of the past couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy.