Status checkin

Here is a summary of things going on:

  • It is less than 14 days to the start of the 3rd Annual SupportAwards. I’m excited about this year as it should prove to be a strong turn out for nominations and votes. We have some great sponsors this year too.
  • MindTouch just announced the release of contextual help. Ultimately it allows for help content from a hosted MindTouch TCS site to be surfaced within an application and automatically provide contextually relevant information based upon the page the help is being initiated from. Keep an eye out for demos and more information about this offering from MindTouch
  • I’ve been working on my car and getting it cleaned up and optimized. It is a blast driving the convertible and enjoy having a bit of a project to work on.

Other than that, I’ve been chugging along and keeping up with things.

Intranets aren’t dead, they’re just getting started

With the creation of, I’ve been doing more research into Intranets including their impact on businesses, adoption among small businesses, and overall awareness. I was surprised to find that among small businesses, Intranets are still unknown.

If you have worked at a company that has more than 100 employees, there is a good chance that you have used an intranet. It can go by many names including: portal, intranet, extranet, internal website, and also creative names that are only relevant within the company walls.

The benefits of an Intranet are much needed, especially at the small business level to decrease confusion, increase collaboration, and improve overall capture of knowledge. One user of intranet software cited that they saw a reduction of email sending by 40% because of their Intranet. This is because it acts as a central repository for information.

My main goal when creating Biztranet was to be able to offer a hosted Intranet service to small businesses that was affordable, but still very powerful. Now I don’t do plugs on my blog that often, but if you go to and fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page, mention this blog post and I’ll give you a 20% discount off any of the plans (monthly or annually). This offer is only valid until June 15th 2011.

Spread the word and increase awareness of Intranets. They can help you save time and money.