Long time no post

It has been a long time since I’ve posted and in that time Lucy has grown to be around 20lbs, Pam started a new job, and we have a new roommate at our place.  I think one of the big reasons I haven’t been blogging as much is that I’ m not as much of a blogger as I used to be because of being busy at work along with some of my side projects.  Frankly I’m not that passionate about writing as I am about technology in general.  i.e. I’d rather spend time learning a programming language I’m not familiar with then write about random things.  Although that changes from time to time when I get the urge, as I am right now.  I do update my twitter more frequently though.  If you want to receive more updates from me, definitely follow me @coreygans

Other than that, just living life and having a blast.

LVTC still lives 🙂