What’s going on

2010 has started off pretty crazy.  I got into a car crash early in the month but luckily everyone was ok.  The ole nissan was not so fortunate.  I needed to get a new car so I settled on the Toyota Matrix.  It is a 2005 so it didn’t fall under the recall.  It is awesome.  At work it has been crazy with getting ready to move to a new office.  We are moving at the end of this week and it will be great as it is spacious and the network is going to be fast.

Overall I feel like things are progressing well and am excited to bring on some more help into the support department.  We still have a tier 2 position open and am looking forward to more applicants.

Come work with me at MindTouch

I’m looking for an outstanding customer support agent to come work with me at MindTouch.  Read the job description and see if you have what it takes.