Been busy but still having fun

This past weekend my parents came out to visit and we had a lot of fun.  We toured the USS Midway, which was really cool.  Went to some wineries in Temecula and did some boogie boarding.  My dad had a blast boogie boarding, in fact I was the one trying to chill on the beach and he kept wanting to go back out.  I’m going to try and get into Boogie Boarding some more as I have a blast with it.  Took last friday off which led into a realllly busy week this week.  I’m also recovering from a cold that I got after getting back from Seattle, oh yeah, I went to Seattle too.  Pam and I took a mini vacation up to Seattle and stayed with a friend.  It was a blast.  We went up to Vancouver for a day and on the way back took the scenic route.  October is shaping up to be a crazy month, but that is good.  Support Awards is almost done.  There is one more round of voting where the best across all industries is determined.  It is good to see recognition of great customer support/service.   I’m going to be working on it some more over the next year to make it easier to nominate/vote/and navigate on the site.

Other than that trying to just keep my head above water with everything that is on my plate.   The time off has been great and has helped a lot.

Support Awards Winners

SupportAwards voting has ended and the winners of the Industries are announced here:

There is still one more round to determine the best customer support/service across all industries.  The response has been great and I look forward to mailing out the awards to the winners.   This is an annual award and before the next annual, I will be making changes to the site to make it easier to nominate, vote, and navigate the site.  If anyone has any feedback on the site please leave it as a comment on this post.

Side Projects

I believe it is the side projects that help keep me balanced as far as creativity and assurance that my skills in different areas don’t go stale.  I’ve been helping my brother with his sites, which I am in the process of working on a revamp of his kids site that will be running on MindTouch.

One other project that I just started last week is a mini php script to monitor my websites and alert me when they are down.  There are many Web Site monitoring services out there like Pingdom,  but typically they charge if you want to have it ping faster than every 30 min and I wanted to have a service that I could run that would ping at any frequency along with helping to improve my PHP chops.  When I’m done I’m going to open source it and allow others to benefit from it.

Other than that I have some other ideas I need to follow through on, Support Awards is doing great.  Voting is nearing the end (next week).  I’m excited to watch it grow and to implement some new features.

Been really busy this week with a release of MindTouch coming out tomorrow.  We are ramping up some more at MindTouch and will be looking to bring on some more people to do technical documentation.  If you are someone that would be interested in working for MindTouch doing technical documentation, shoot me an email at coreyg ]at[ mindtouch ]dot[ com

Support Awards is now in the Voting Stage

The Nominations are in and now people can vote to determine the winners of the 2009 R.E.C.S.S. Award.  To vote go to and vote for your favorite company.  So far this has been a great experience and I have a lot of notes for what I’ll be changing for next year along with new additions to the site to Recognize support year round.  Voting ends on Sept 17, 2009, so make sure you Vote!