Working Out my Digital Strategy

The past couple of months I’ve been working on what I’ve corporately dubbed “My Digital Strategy”.  What this is in reference to is managing all aspects of my life digitally in a way that is easy to scale, easy to manage, and secure from hardware failures.  I’ve put a lot of thought into this and the best solution is to use MindTouch for this.

Let me itemize some of the concerns I have and how they will be resolved with MindTouch.

The First Concern is that I want to ensure that I have portability with my information.  This concern is based on the fear of my laptop dying (had it for about 2 1/2 years so anything is possible) and the ability to access information from another hardware source(like a smart phone).  MindTouch obviously is a benefit as it sits in the cloud(or in layman’s terms on my server) so if my laptop crashes I can easily jump to a different computer and have access to all of the information.  MindTouch also has a smart phone friendly skin which allows for navigation of the site in read only mode.  With the new browsers coming out on smart phones I’m sure it will be easy to edit in them too when not using the optimized smart phone skin.

The second concern is ensuring that I don’t become scattered across the internet as far as my data goes.  It is so easy to be roped into all of the new startups that offer free memberships, unlimited storage, and shiny features.  What ends up happening is that you have 50 logins to 50 sites and in turn 50 copies of the same information.  MindTouch comes in handy here because if you want to maintain your membership with some of these sites you can easily pull the information together on MindTouch and expose it in a way that is useful but also allows you to do a little housecleaning on the unnecessary accounts out there.   With MindTouch’s Web Oriented Architecture it is easy to tie together your relevant information from across the web, whether it be videos, pictures, online office docs, or any other digital media.

The third concern I have is being able to have a location that I can easily add information to.  This is a really critical concern for me as I have a lot of side projects outside of work along with organizing papers and information at home.  MindTouch shines really well with this because of the ease of use, accessibility of the API, and available tools.  You may not know this but MindTouch has a Desktop Connector that allows you to drag and drop a folder structure from Windows which will in turn create the folders and attach the files within those folders to their respective pages.  There are also tools to post content to MindTouch from any application that you can print from using the Aurelia Reporter tool.  This helps a lot for publishing from email clients, other word processing like open office, and even from financial software.  Also with the new addition of the MindTouch MailBox Service, you can have any e-mail post to MindTouch so that you capture the information in a centralized location that is indexed and easy to reference and draw from.  This is beneficial because of my side projects and all of the resources tied to them.

The fourth concern is being able to have information in a centralized location so that I can easily secure the information through routine backups.  This is easily done through an automated Script within MindTouch that you can setup as a cron job to export the db and attachments and then with the cron job, export it to an external server.  Now as my install grows I will probably switch to a solution like rsync as the attachments will grow fast.

The fifth concern is that I wanted to aggregate all of this information in a location that I can restrict information in a way to keep certain data private but share other data with friends and family.  With MindTouch’s Granular permissions it is easy to do this to ensure that private information is kept private.

Now some of you reading this may chalk all of this functionality up to any wiki software.  But you would be sorely mistaken.  Of the information I’ve mentioned above you may be able to find some wikis that have APIs, and you might find some that have tools that make it possible to post to, but you won’t find any with the Web Oriented Architecture which allows you to tie your information together and you also will not find a wiki that takes the ease of use to the next level to allow users like me (not programmer by trade) to be able to create scripts and dynamic calls to sources within and outside of MindTouch.  This in turn puts MindTouch in a class of its own as a Collaborative Network which Aaron talks in greater depth here.  The biggest differentiating factor that MindTouch brings to the table for my digital strategy is that it doesn’t become another countless login/decentralized resource like other wikis are.  It brings all of the information together in a way that makes it easy to contribute, consume, and use.

Mind you that this is just my personal digital strategy for keeping my life in order.  Imagine what it can do for a company, no matter what size you are.  I hope this is beneficial for people out there that are struggling with the same issue of what to do with all of their digital stuff and where to put it so that it is useful.

Note that I encourage you to download and try MindTouch out locally using our trial download.

Note that although this seems like a marketing post it was more me putting my thoughts in writing for how I was going to implement my Digital Strategy.  I’ll let you know how it goes along with details of the setup that I used.

Happy Anniversary

Today was my 2 year anniversary.  It is crazy to think my wedding was 2 years ago.  I consider myself very fortunate to be married to Pam.  She truly is my best friend and an amazing person.  I love her very much and find myself loving her more and more each day.

Thank you for saying yes 2 years ago Pam.

Shoutout on the MindTouch Developer blog

We have a new promotion at MindTouch just in time for summer.  It is the Summer of Support special where if you have a MindTouch Core install you can receive support for it through MindTouch commercial support.  Which means you will be able to interface directly with me.  I encourage you to check it out and take advantage of this good deal.  You can read more about it on the MindTouch Developer Blog.

Eventful week

Sorry for the delay in posting, it was an eventful week to the point that I didn’t have time to recap on it.  Last week was really crazy at work.  We are getting close to the end of the quarter and trying to play catchup on my Q2 objectives.  This has been a very successful quarter for support though.  Our increase in support has stayed proportionate to our increase in sales which helps to have that consistency and hopefully means our documentation is getting better.  This past weekend my cousin and his friends came out to visit from AZ.  It was fun.  Got a chance to show them around a bit and hang out.  Also made it to Torrey Pines and to the Kobey Swap meet, which was fun.  While at Torrey Pines Pam and I  saw some people boogie boarding and decided it looked like a lot of fun, so last night we went out and got one.  Now we just need to have a nice hot summer day to test it out 🙂

This week is shaping up to be a busy one as we approach July.  I’m trying to keep a good balance between work and leisure as it is easy to burn out when you are troubleshooting all day.  My most recent fascination is with the G-Phone which I hope to get once my Sprint contract is up.  This means I’ll have to move to T-Mobile, but I can use my Fav 5 to add most frequent calls, and a majority of my calls are after 7pm anyways (plus I can use Skype to call people 🙂 )  It will help with work too as I’ll be able to keep up with items and schedules while being on the go.  Also it will hopefully increase my blogging 😉

Other than that, one last good news, when you search for LVTC on google I come up number 2 now.  I’m slowing working on edging out the Livermore Valley Tennis Club for the number one spot, I mean cmon…I’m kind of a big deal 😉

Anyhoo…you keep reading I’ll keep writing.

Super Sweet Sunday

Today was great.  Pam and had a lot of fun.  First we went to church, then we went to Balboa park to check out the art fair that was going on.  It was only 7 booths so not as elaborate as anticipated.  We then went ot Ikea and got food (mmm…meatballs).  Then we came back home and walked over to the swap meet, but it was closing.  We’re going to try and catch it this coming weekend.  We then came back home and watched the movie “The King of Kong”, it is a documentary about the World Champions of Donkey Kong.  Interesting movie…really competitive.  After the movie Pam and I got the itch to play skee ball, so we headed over to Chuck E Cheese and played (they are open until 10pm on Sun-Thur)…seriously?  I had a bedtime of 8pm until I was like 10.  Lucky kids.

After scoring tickets and redeeming them for a Koosh ball we came back home and watched The Grand which is a Mocumentary about poker.  It was fun.  All in all a pretty sweet Sunday.

On a side note we have our housewarming and it was awesome.  Great turnout and lots of fun.

Updates to LVTC

Last week I moved my blog around on my hosted server to reflect the new url This move was done to put more emphasis on my site LVTC. If you have any links to my blog it would be awesome if you updated your url to point to eventhough will redirect correctly.

In other news tomorrow is our housewarming party. For all of you out there that can’t make it, now worries, I’ll be posting pics of the rest of our condo in the next week. Sorry for the delay(been busy with everything) Feels good to be friday, this week was rather long. To be honest it was the first full week I worked since the first week of May because of the vacation I took off in may.

In other other news, my godson had surgery today to fix a cleft palet and the surgery was a success. I haven’t seen pics yet but I’m so glad he made it out of the surgery successful. Thank you to everyone out there that prayed for him.

Super Sweet Weekend

This weekend was really productive and a lot of fun. Saturday Pam and I tackled the house and put up pictures in the second bedroom, I put up the cord covers up in the TV room, and Pam touched up some of the woodwork. We are almost ready for the housewarming party on Saturday. Today we went up to the Beaumont Cherry Festival and saw the Grass Roots perform. They did a good job and I filled up on mini donuts, which is always nice 🙂 On the way up to Beaumont we stopped off at a BevMo that I tracked down to have some Labatts available (sold out in other local San Diego stores). Now I’m set for the house warming for anyone who hasn’t tried Labatts or, like me, a huge fan of its refreshing taste. This week we will continue to play catchup around the house.

Back from the big IL

Well I went out to Illinois for my Godson’s baptism this past weekend.  It was great.  Almost all of the Ganser clan was there including my brother and sister.  Pam and I had a chance to chill with my sister and the kids before the rest of the fam showed up.  We went to downtown Chi-town on Friday and went to the Science and Industry Museum which looked familiar, but I don’t remember going to.  After that we went back to my sisters for the rest of the weekend.  Chilled on the deck, sang some karaoke, had excellent food, and played catchup.  It was a great break for both pam and I.  Now I feel refreshed and ready to jump back into the swing of things at work.  We have a new release that will be announced soon and it is a good bug fix release along with a few steps closer to releasing the MSI.

We are finally having our housewarming party in a couple of weeks.  I sent out invites, so if for some reason you didn’t get one…shoot me an email…unless I don’t want you to come, then I will not reply to your email 🙂

Other than that the week is almost half over, but my todo list is more than half full.