I thought I’d post this quick pic of Pam and I at the graduation.  Note the shirt I’m wearing that I made online especially for the graduation.  I’m so proud of Pam and how hard she worked this past year.  Congrats Pam!!


Busy weekend

This previous weekend was a lot of fun. Pam graduated on Friday, Pam’s parents flew in and surprised Pam on Thursday, and we did some sightseeing. We made it out to Mission Trails and hiked a bit, we also went over to Mission beach to get some walking in. Checked out Jason Ott at Gallagher’s which is always a good time. I also got to put in a switch to control our bathroom fan so that it is independent of the light with a lot of help from Pam’s dad, the master electrician.  I felt very fortunate to watch him work and learn a bit in the process. This will help conserve energy as it was tied to the main light and it doesn’t always need to be on. Today we went out to OB and chilled at the Dog beach and watched some dogs play and got some sun. We also made it over to the Cow and got a new Grass Roots LP and a Cars LP, which are good additions to our record collection. I forgot to mention that Saturday we made it to the Padres game and watched them kick butt against the cubs, which was kind of a bitter sweet win as I used to be a huge cubs fan back in the day when the lineup was Sandberg, Dawson, and Grace (for those who are Cubs savvy). After the game we went to the house of blues and chilled a bit. Roy was able to come downstairs and hang out for a bit. Now I’m playing catchup as Wednesday I’m heading out to IL to go to my new Godson’s baptism, it will be a good time and I’m looking forward to seeing family again. I’ll try and pull together some of the pics and video I took from the graduation, plus I still owe you pics of the rest of our new condo. We are working on putting together a housewarming which will probably in early June for all of those interested in coming.

Until later…you keep reading, I’ll keep living.

Sequoia and Yosemite Trip

The vacation was awesome!  We just got back today from a 3 day trip up to Sequoia and Yosemite.  The vacation started off at a nice and secluded cabin near the entrance to Sequoia.  It was so secluded that we had to drive 7 miles up a mountain.  It was worth it though.  Peaceful and relaxing.  Here is a pic of the cabin:


One thing we saw at the cabin were a lot of lizards.  They were funny little guys that would all of the sudden start doing push ups.  It was really funny.  I looked it up and found out that it is a form of communication for the lizard that is still being researched…I got a kick out of it.

We spent the night at the cabin and then early the next morning we drove into Sequoia to see the big trees and amazing views.  Here are a few pics of Sequoia.

p5060780 p5060792

After a day at Sequoia we went back to our cabin and spent the night and then the next morning drove to Yosemite.  We saw amazing waterfalls as you’ll see here: (The left pic is Yosemite Falls, the right pic is Bridal Viel Falls)

p5070864 p5070855

Also here is a nice short video that has good footage of the trees and the waterfalls.  Throughout the video I confuse Redwoods with Sequoia but in reality they are from the same family.

After Yosemite we went and spent a night at Mariposa which is right outside of Yosemite.  It was definitely what Pam and I needed.  Pam is officially done with school, now all she has to do is walk across a stage on Friday to get the ole’ s diploma…which is cool as now we can have fun again.

To end this post here is a nice pic of Pam and me at Yosemite:


Save the Tasmanian Devil

I recently found out that the Tasmanian Devil, one of my favorite cartoon characters and the largest living marsupial carnivore, was recently listed as endangered because of a facial cancer that is spreading fast.  You can learn more about the disease and how to save them by going to the Save the Tasmanian Devil site.  In fact Linus Torvalds created a Tasmanian Devil Tux logo for a recent release of the linux kernal.  Here is a pic of it:

Please help save by donating to supplement research on the disease.  They currently accept MasterCard and Visa through an online store (select the “The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal”).

Happy Mother’s Day!

Well today is Mother’s Day and I wanted to reflect on some of the things my Mom did for me in my life that really made a difference.

First:  My Mom was instrumental in me getting interested in technology.  She worked with an early computer company and so we had a desktop computer when I was in 2nd grade.  And when I ultimately crashed that computer a few years later, it was my Mom that let me get back on the new one to learn.  Thanks Mom.

Second: My Mom was always supportive of any initiative I wanted to pursue.  In high school I wanted to do an Inline Marathon as it was a goal to try it out and prove I had the endurance.  Since entering a marathon can be expensive with all of the equipment you need like new wheels, safety gear and the admission, I didn’t have the money to enter.  But my Mom knew it was important to me and so she helped me out with new roller blades and helped with the Entrance fee.  Thanks Mom.

Third: When I lived in South Bend, IN before I was in school, my Mom and I would go to church daily and then we would meet a family friend afterwards to get Ice Cream.  I always looked forward to it.  Especially the waffle cones!  Thanks Mom.

Mom thank you for always supporting me and for all of the memories.  I love you and wish I could be their for Mother’s Day.

House fixin

Well I made more progress on the house this week, I put up a curtain rod in the second bedroom in anticipation for our curtains that we ordered.  We also completely reordered the 2nd bedroom to create a better flow.  I’m keeping my eye out for a cheap tv to add to the 2nd bedroom so that when guests come over they can watch cable…nothing but the lap of luxury at Chez Ganser.  We will be heading into a busy season of visitors at the end of summer that we are looking forward to.  Some of Pam’s friends are planning on coming out and also some of my family too.  It should be a blast.   Today I’m going to break out the clubs and hit a few golf balls at the Sail Ho Golf Club, Should be a good time as I haven’t been to a driving range in a while and I’m in much need of some exercise, plus pam is trying to wrap up her paper which is the last assignment she has before she graduates, so I need to be out of the house so I’m not a distraction…me a distraction?  No… 😉

Once we get the curtains for the 2nd bedroom I’ll post the pics for that…in the interim I may or may not post pics of our bedroom today…we shall see 🙂