Busy Busy Busy

Well the past couple of weeks have been crazy busy. Work has been ramping up with the recent release. It will keep our support team busy for a while. Also Pam is wrapping up with her school, only 2 weeks left and counting. Really excited about the graduation day, she has been working really hard. We went to an Antique fair this last weekend and got some new records for our collection:

  • David Bowie – Changes
  • America – Greatest Hits
  • Beach Boys – Endless Summer
  • Edith Piaf – Greatest Hits
  • Frampton Comes Alive

Pretty stoked about how fast our record collection is growing.  When Pam and I get around to getting everything in order for our housewarming, then we’ll be sure to play some records.

Other than that…things are going well.


    Well this previous weekend was relaxing. We sat around and listened to records on our new record player that we bought. Both Pam and I love listening to records. While other people may not like records because it isn’t as clear a sound as cd, we love the scratchy sounds that come with it. Makes it a whole new listening experience.

    Other than that I have a lot of things on my plate right now that I’m working on wrapping up. The kicker is that when I finish the things on my list, I don’t have any of my own projects to return to. I’ve been drumming a lot lately which has been an awesome release, but I’d like to do something that has a deliverable that is for me. The flip side is hard though as I have my blog, the newly purchased condo, awesome job at MT, along with my side projects. All of these have deliverables that I have to show, but for some reason it isn’t filling the need I have. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m having any sort of ___-life crisis…more just of wanting to add something to my list of hobbies that I can hang my hat on. I’ll let you know if I find it…in the interim I’m making it along just fine off of the other deliverables.

    Today is the best day ever! There is a Sonic in San Diego!!

    Today was the opening day for the first Sonic Restaurant in San Diego.  Located at 10515 Mission Gorge Rd in Santee, it is now a close distance to heaven.  If anyone hasn’t had Sonic, you are missing out.  I had it when I was out in Arizona and their commercials don’t lie.  The food is awesome!!

    Here is a map of the location so you can see how close you are to sonic goodness:

    View Larger Map

    First drum recording

    Well I got my cables today and recorded my first drum beats.   It is awesome.  I’m going to have all of my recordings on my wiki.  You can listen to my first recording here.

    There will be more to come, so feel free to check back on the page frequently.  I’ll probably do some more tonight alone.

    I got a new drumset

    For those out there that don’t know, I am a drummer.  It has been a long time since I’ve been able to play, but that is about to change.  About 2 weeks ago I got an electronic drumset from Guitar Center.   It is a Simmons SD7K.  Here is a pic of it:


    It is a pretty sweet set.  I got a chance to play it when I was in the store and it is really responsive.  I’m going to be working on recording from it so that I can post samples here.  So definitely keep tuned for that.  I can’t guarantee that they will be good as I’m a bit rusty…but it will be fun nonetheless.

    Why everyone should be strategically planning right now

    With the economy in the toliet and businesses cutting left and right, now is a perfect time to engage in strategic planning.  For those of you out there that aren’t familiar with strategic planning here is a quick overview:

    Strategic planning allows your business to evaluate the current market, resources, goals, business model, along with other aspects of the business and pull them together in to a cohesive plan to cut costs, increase revenue, maximize the utilization of resources and even start new product lines.

    This is why now is a great time to do strategic planning.  While the information above seems like it is easy to layout and is something you think you are doing right now, strategic planning can’t effectively be done without the help of someone knowledgeable in the area.  Now you are asking, “Where is Corey going with this post”.  Well here is my mercenary intent.  Strategic Planning first is best organized using a wiki.  What wiki software should you use you ask, well MindTouch of course silly 🙂   MindTouch is a perfect software to utilize for strategic planning as it will allow you to collaborate around the different areas of the process while incorporating input from key individuals within your company, regardless of locale/schedule.

    Now that you have the software to start the process of strategic planning, you need a person that can facilitate the planning process and structure it so that you get the most out of it.  Of course you want a person that is knowledgeable in the use of strategic planning on wikis.  Enter TKG Strategic.  TKG Strategic is familiar with the use of wikis in Strategic Planning along with the planning process as a whole.  The proprietor of TKG Strategic is my Mom, so I am biased, but she specializes in SMB and Tech companies and would be a great person to contact to learn more about Strategic planning.  She offers a free evaluation of your current strategic plan along with flexible avenues for the planning process, i.e. online or in person.

    If you are struggling right now, need a business model, want to increase revenue, reduce expenses, etc… contact TKG Strategic and they will be able to help you.

    Pics of our kitchen

    As we slowly make it through our place the kitchen is the next area we have finished.

    Here is the before pic of the kitchen:


    Here are some after pictures:

    p3240711 p3240713

    Both Pam and I are excited about how the place is turning out.  Stay tuned for more pics to come.

    San Diego Tribune is hiring me to write for them

    I received an email today from an editor in the LifeStyle section of the San Diego Tribune to write an article for them once every two weeks.  In exchange I get some money and I get to promote LVTC as that will be the headline of the section.  They said they are looking for young local San Diego residents to talk about their lives and how the economy is affecting them but also to have a positive spin as there is a lot of negative news right now.  I’m really excited about this opportunity as finally LVTC is going to be syndicated.  The best part of it is that this is an April Fools joke 🙂