Computer Tech Guy

With the move to the new place I had to change my address with all of my services.  I received a bunch of address change confirmations that I threw in a pile to review later.  Pam was going through the pile today and noticed at the bottom of one of my address confirmations they had my occupation listed as “Computer Tech Guy”  LOL…I guess that pretty much sums it up.   Well if anyone has any Computer tech stuff that they need a “Guy” to work on, I’m your man.  🙂

Pic of the Dining area

Many people have been asking for updated pics of our new place, so to please here is a first look at our new dining area.  I just finished putting up the picture on the wall so it was fitting that this is the first look at our place.

Here is the before pic:


The new dining area hasn’t changed much as we kept the color the same:


The other pics that will be coming in the weeks to come, will be a little bit more drastic as far as the changes that we did.

Pam gets blindsided by car

Last night Pam and I went out for our inaugural bike ride around our new neighborhood.  It reminded me of how out of shape I am in.  We were riding down a street and just coasting and all of the sudden a guy that was parked flung his door open and it hit Pam on the side of the bike which caused her to fall off of her bike.  She tumbled correctly and didn’t break anything, just bruises.  Both Pam and I were shocked and the guy apologized once I got there as Pam was biking in front of me, but he was checking his car first to make sure it wasn’t dinged, which pissed me off.  Needless to say, we aren’t going to ride down that road anymore.  Pam was a little sore this morning, but nothing too bad.

House Update

Well we have made more progress this week.  We added curtains and a rug to the kitchen.  This helps with the privacy and the over all look and feel of the kitchen.  Tonight I took the night off and went and saw Jason Ott at Gallaghers.  It was a good break.  I’m hoping to get some more stuff done this weekend so that when the second week of april approaches, we can actually have a house warming party.  We’ll see.  Other than that, it was a draining week and I’m glad it is the weekend to rebuild my strength and patience meter.

Will post again once I’ve done more stuff

Getting more done with the condo

Well this week has continued the productivity train as far as updates to the condo.  I mounted the DVD player and the surround sound to the wall today, here is a pic of how it turned out:


I’m also in the process of frosting the bathroom window to stop peeping toms from checking me out 🙂  Also we cleared more stuff out of the living room so that we can walk around a bit more.  I hung a curtain in the living room over the patio door which helps with privacy also and moved some stuff around in the second bedroom.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to take the recycling to the nearest drop off as we have a ton of beat up boxes from the move and from buying stuff like the desk that need to be removed from the condo.

Pam is getting anxious to be done with school, which I can’t blame her one bit, and will be taking her comprehensive exams in about 2 weeks.  Once she finishes those then all she has left are a few projects.  She graduates at the end of may which will be nice and then we are going to Illinois to see my Sister and her new baby that is due in a couple of weeks, pam and I are the godparents, which is awesome…this will be my 3rd godchild.

Last week was a bit tiring, I think it was mainly because my body was thrown off with daylight savings switch.  I was really tired all week.  It is nicer that it is lighter later, but the whole sleep schedule still needs adjusting.

Stay tuned for more pics of the condo as we clear stuff away.

Home Improvement

Well I’ve really become Bob Vila lately with our new condo.  Here are some of the projects I did tonight and yesterday:

Added weather stripping to the patio door – this helps reduce external noise and helps insulate

Extended the height of my shower so that I don’t have to stoop to wash my hair.  Extending the shower height is actually pretty easy using an S arm.

Put together a pretty sweet desk – even though I had to return it once.

Replaced a majority of the light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs.

All in all we are making progress…our place is still a mess though, hoping we get things pulled together by the end of march, in time for the house warming party.

What a night at Frys

I went to Frys (A geek store, similar to Best buy, but geekier) tonight to get a desk that I saw there and was stoked about.  This was my first purchase at Frys as I do a majority of shopping online.  We went there, got the desk, and brought it home.  It weighed about 100lbs so I was glad to get it in the house.  I pulled it into the office room and unpacked it and found out that there was a leg missing for the desk.  This threw a wrench in the works as far as my goals for the night.  I called Frys and they said to bring it back and they would exchange it.   So I used what Duct tape I had left, muscled it down the stairs and went back to Frys.   We got there and had to wait in line to get to the refund desk (which was fine), we got to an agent and she said she needed to survey the box and told me to go get another one from the dept.  I thought they would just bring one up to the returns area, but whatever.   I get back to the desk area and hunted down someone that worked there to find someone for the Desk dept to grab a replacement desk for me.  I waited there for 10 min while 6 employees gathered around a customer playing a video game.  I approached another employee and they said they would call again and that the warehouse was busy.  I waited another 10 min and went to another employee who was the manager of the software section.  He called a couple of other people and finally someone came out to get me a replacement desk.  By this time I’m not in the best mood.  We got the desk up to the front (mind you this is 9pm and the store is closing) and we requested that the Desk be opened up to verify that all of the legs are in there.  They were, which was good, so we did the swap and brought it home.  Unpacked everything and I was missing 4 screws!!!  4 screws aren’t that bad to be missing, but it just pissed me off.  I’m not impressed with the attitude of Frys where everyone stays in the “departments” and that is all they are responsible for.  I mean cmmon, all you need to do is go in the back and get desk.  Anyhoo, I’m not sure I’m going to be shopping there for a while.  The desk itself is pretty cool, but really annoying that both packages that I got were missing pieces.

On a side note Pam and I finished painting this weekend and are in the process of putting things back in their place.  Once that is done then I’ll take after pics for comparison.

Mounting a TV in…10 easy steps

Tonight I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of mounting my tv in my living room.  I ordered the Cheetah mounting kit from Amazon which worked amazingly.  To show the steps for installing, I took handy step by steps pics.  BTW, I couldn’t have done this without Roy’s help.

Here is technically step 1 – Drill holes in wall…the reason why this is also step 3 is that we accidentally miscalculated the position of the TV on the wall.  This required us to drill 2 new sets of holes…but that is ok.


Step 2, err 4? Add Bracket to wall.  BTW, the lovely hand model is Roy.


Step 3/5…maybe 2?  Add mounting to back of TV


Step…I don’t know any more.  Mount TV on wall


Final Step…revel in the fact that the TV is perfectly level according to the level that came with the kit (note this is a bit blurry, but you should be able to see the bubble dead center):


This is an amazing accomplishment and affordable I might add, the TV mount only cost $41, and that included shipping.

Thanks again to Roy for his help.

Other House updates:

We finished painting the Kitchen and have a single coat in the hallway, Master Bedroom and Second Bedroom.  Things are coming along.

WOW!!! I own a condo

So it is official, Pam and I own a condo in Ocean Beach.  We are sooo excited about it.  Friday we had to move out of our place by 2pm, note that we didn’t actually close and get the keys until 5pm the night before.  We got everything moved over though through a series of trips.  It is really easy to get to downtown and we live near some really cool shops.  We started painting already and have the first coat on.  When we are done I’ll take some more pics so you can see the after photos.  Also this week I’m going to mount the TV on the wall…super stoked about that.  Other than that we are still living out of suitcases, need to organize our closets.  Can’t wait to have everything setup so that we can have a house warming party.  Stay tuned for more info on the house.