LVTC = Living Vicariously Through Corey

Living Vicariously Through Corey has been around for over 2 years now and it is being recognized for its importance by being listed on sites that define Acronyms.  Here are a few sites that recognize LVTC means Living Vicariously Through Corey:

Thanks to anyone that searches for LVTC and selects Living Vicariously Through Corey.

Text Message scam

Today I received multiple text messages all referencing Unapproved activity. These include a url/email that doesn’t resolve and isn’t being sent from an authorized source.  I searched for info on it but it appears to be a new scam.  Here are the text messages I received so that you can be aware:

Fr: [email protected]

ImportantUSE CREDIT UNION notify: *492
UNAPPROVED ACTIVITY.  Tollfree call 8663845761

Fr: [email protected]

ImportantUSE CREDIT UNION notify: *592
UNAPPROVED ACTIVITY.  Tollfree call 866.384.5761

Fr: [email protected]

Important USE CREDIT UNION notify:
UNAUTHORIZED ACTIVITY.  Tollfree call 8007261453

If you received any of these emails it is clearly a scam, don’t respond.  Seems related to this scam.

Packing, Taxes and Little Caesars…a good day

Yesterday was very productive.  I packed a majority of non necessary things in our apartment that are ready to be moved.  I also finished my taxes.  This was the first year I did my taxes and was a little nervous to push the e-file button, I was using TurboTax.  All in all it was a fairly easy process and if everything goes well I’ll get a refund before the end of February which will be nice.  I got to take a break and grab Little Caesars with Roy for lunch.  It was a gorgeous day out and felt good to do a little trunk little caesars eating.  To remember this day I colored a picture on, here is is for your enjoyment:


Almost there

We’re so close to closing on the house I can almost taste it.  The past week has been a hurricane of scanning and signing documents to please the underwriters.  Needless to say they need to know everything down to my underwear size.  As of today though, they should have everything and we are hoping to hear on the loan tomorrow.  Then we can finally set a closing date and start to move.  Pretty crazy to think this time next week I could be living in our new house.  Between now and then though is going to be a lot of work, moving, and filing for change of address.  I’ll be glad when we get to the finish line.

Other than that I’ve been keeping busy with wrapping up some side projects like a PHP application for my brother to help manage his bookkeeping along with some websites.  Also I’ll be sinking my teeth into a new VPS from linode soon to setup an ecommerce site for my brother.  Really excited about that.  Until then hope for the best as we get closer.

clearing out the ole place

Well we are in the countdown to close of the house.  This week we should be able to get the loan documents so that we can finalize that and move on to the close.  In the interim pam and I have been cleaning out the apartment and posting stuff on Craigslist.  We had our first sell today and it felt great.  Another first today was we went to Home Depot to start pricing stuff out for our new house.  You should have seen me, I had a pretty big grin on my face.  I’m so frickin stoked about fixing it up and geting it ready.  Even the stupid things like replacing the locks are going to be exiting.

On a bummer note I’m trying to finish up taxes right now and am looking forward to having it all done.  I’m glad that this will be the last year for a while that I’ll have to worry about what address to put down for the return info as I’ve always been in the middle of a move.

Other than that I’m still geeked out about getting a boat.  So many things to look forward to…It’ll be like I drank a cup of coffee.  Those who don’t know me, caffine makes me jumpy.

Good week

Well it was a good week.  Played a lot of catchup and today I launched the MindTouch Support Portal.   It is powered by ZenDesk.  I’m really looking forward to the efficiency it will add to our process.  As far as the house, we are getting near the end.  The appraisal is complete, the request for repairs is done, I have all of the HOA documents.  The only thing that is left is for the loan people to give us the ole thumbs up.  Right now it is tentative that the close date is Feb 19th.  But we should be able to do it before then.  I’m really excited as it is getting closer.  Also I’m looking at getting an inflatable boat once this is all said and done.  I plan to take it over to mission bay and boat around a bit…possilby do some fishing, but mainly relaxing.

Here is a map of Mission Bay so that you can see all of the open bay areas to boat in:

Overall I’m super stoked about this step in life.  It is going to be a very positive lifestyle change and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll keep you up to date when things are final…next step: Get money, then get home.

House update

Well we are in the final stretch right now.  I received the documents about the HOA at our new place and am in the process of going through it right now.  I’m going to try and get involved, but the other part of me knows how busy I am and how I like to leave things to other people to worry about 🙂  Also the bank will be finishing their appraisal towards the end of the week which means financing should be finalized soon.  It will be good to have all of that done.  In the mean time I’ve been going through our place cleaning up and selling where I can.  If anyone needs a desk or an entertainment center for cheap, let me know.  Otherwise it is going on Craigslist.

Other than that things at work have been nice and slow this week which has allowed me to play catchup.  We will be switching to a new support help desk this week, which I want to have in place before we launch Lyons.  It is a good transition that will make it easier for customers to navigate along with being more cost effective.

I’m trying to also wrap up as many projects as I can while I have time.  I have Taxes to finish up, a few website projects, some work items for my brother, and after the move I think I’m going to revisit one of my PHP/MySQL applications that has been on the  back burner, along with my mythbox that is also on the back burner.

Things are going really well and I have a lot to look forward to.  It will be great to move into our own place!!