Pics of the new house

Because of popular demand, here are pics of our new house that we are in the process of buying.  Hopefully posting these won’t jinx the sale 😉

Exterior of our place, our place is the upper left corner as you look at this picture


Dining room


Kitchen…dining room is behind the person taking the photo


Living Room…Dining room is to the left of the person taking the photo


Guest Bedroom


Another pic of the living room


Guest Bathroom


Master Bathroom


We are going to change the paint throughout the place to match our color pallet, but otherwise the place is in really good condition and move in ready.  We are super stoked about this place.

Everybody please cross your fingers that everything continues to go well…and that we lock in at an awesome interest rate 🙂

Home inspection

Today we had our home inspection and it went really well.  The steps left are the Appraisal, approval of the loan, and then the dreaded hand cramping signing.  Today was the second time we sae the place and it got both Pam and I very excited.  It is going to be great to own our own place.  The timing couldn’t be better as our lease ends at the end of February, giving us plenty of time to move and get settled.

Other than that Pam started school again on Thursday and has her eye on May 22nd when she graduates.  I’ll be playing catchup with my projects as she does her homework.  It will be good to play catchup but I’ll miss the weekends we’ve been having.  Hopefully we’ll be able to escape for a weekend and go skiing before the season is over.

On a side note we just watch the movie Pride and Prejudice, as rented from Royflix, and really liked the movie.


Well we accepted a counter offer on a place we are looking at.  We should be going into Escrow on the house tomorrow.  If all goes well with the home inspection then we will move in in the next month, which would be pretty sweet.

Other than that Pam, her brother, and I are going whale watching Today(since I’m writing this really early Tues).  I’m looking forward to that.

Also I get to see my Brother in law up in LA on Friday which I haven’t seen since two Christmases ago.

So all in all this is a pretty eventful week.


It has been a while since I have posted, been super busy. Pam and I are looking at homes again. We are putting an offer on a place out near Ocean Beach. It is spacious and roomy. Hopefully it will work out and we get it for a good deal. We’ll see. Otherwise been playing catchup at work. This Friday Pam’s brother is coming out so we are going to go whale watching and have a blast. Looking forward to it. Other than that will keep you posted on the Housing stuff

Happy New Year!

It has been a while since I posted as I was on vacation in MN visiting my family and Pam’s family.  We had an awesome Christmas and made it back in time for New Years.  We drove up early this morning to see the Tournament of Roses Parade.  We got great parking one block off of the parade route and got an awesome spot about 8 feet from the road.  Here is video from where we sat that shows floats, bands, and Cloris Leachman.