Merry Christmas

Here is my annual Christmas greeting post in lieu of a Christmas card.  This year has been amazing on many fronts:

Personal – Pam and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary.  It is amazing to think that we have been married for over a year.  But at the same time both of us are on our laptops typing away right now, so we are perfect geeks for each other.  Pam is over half way through her Master’s program in Social Work and is doing awesome.  I’ll be really happy when she gets done as we will then be able to have fun on the weekends.  We started to look at homes to buy as we have been in San Diego for almost 2 years now and now is a good time to buy.  We put an offer down on a couple of places and one way or another we didn’t move ahead with the offer.  We just found another place that we are going to put an offer down on so cross your fingers.  Other than that things have been going well.

Work – Pam has been working part time at her job along with working at her Master’s related Internship in Hospice.  She is really enjoying it and might continue in the field after graduation.  MindTouch has been growing at an astronomical level.  We brought on a lot of new faces, increased sales significantly, and gained a lot of adoption.  It is really great to see the progress that has been made since I joined and to see people really benefiting from what MindTouch Deki has to offer.  I look forward to the growth in technology that we make in 2009 along with the new Documentation I’m working on 🙂  

Other – I’ve been continuing to work with my brother on his company and it is great to see the growth there.  We launched a new website for his company that can be seen here.  Also he has made great strides in the growth and exposure.  Pam and I will be heading back to MN for Christmas and are excited to see the fam.  Also I’m going to be able to fit in some much needed skiing.  

I hope everyone has a very happy holidays and a happy new year.  My goal for 2009 is to get Living Vicariously Through Corey to be #1 when searching for LVTC on google.  As a parting gift, here is a Christmas picture of me in front of my tree.  Merry Christmas.


I’m in the top 5 for LVTC

I started writing this blog back on June 12, 2006 and am proud to say that Living Vicariously Through Corey (LVTC) is ranked in the top 5 on Google when you search for LVTC, in fact depending on the Day I’m number 3 (Behind the Las Vegas Track Club and the Livermore Valley Tennis Club). I’m gunning for number 1 though. I know that people aren’t sitting at their computers and thinking of arbitrary acronyms to look up, but LVTC is something I’ve been working on for a while and am happy to see it as high as it is. Thank you all for reading.

Still looking…

After doing an inspection of the place we put an offer on we decided to revoke the offer. The place was not very soundproof which is something that is a big requirement for us. We are still going to look though and hope to find another place.

Our offer was accepted

Our offer on a condo that we made yesterday was accepted today!  This is awesome as this is the first time Pam or I have bought a house.  We aren’t out of the woods yet though.  We are officially in Escrow now and have to do all of the financing along with the home inspection.  I’m sooo stoked about it.  Finally I won’t be throwing money out the window with nothing to show for it.  I’ll update as we move through the process.

Housing update

We put an offer down on one place but a separate offer was accepted. Today we put another offer down on a separate place. We’ve already looked at over 10 houses not to mention looking online for the past months. We are hopeful that we find a good place. Other than that things are going well. I’ll keep you up to date on the progress and if our offer gets accepted. Until then, you keep reading and I’ll keep living.