This past week pam and I celebrated our 5th anniversary of our first date. It is pretty cool to think that 5 years ago she endured my caffeine fueled first date at Starbucks. Thanksgiving was very chill which was nice. I’m looking forward to next weekend as my friend Kirsten is coming out to visit me from MN. It will be an awesome time.

From a technical standpoint I have installed Ubuntu as a dual boot on my laptop and got wireless working thanks to Ubuntu’s 8.10 new proprietary drivers that it auto detects. I also installed Wine and am working on migrating applications that run on Windows only to Ubuntu. We’ll see how successful I am.

Looking forward to going back to MN for Christmas. Some of my family I haven’t seen for a year. It will be crazy to see how big the kids have gotten.

Irish R.I.P.

My dog of 14 years died tonight.  He was living with my parents in MN and his health was declining over the past week.  Irish Hoosier Ganser, his official name, was born on October 22, 1994.  He was half labrador and half golden retriever.  I remember the first day we went to pick him out.  Irish’s dad was my Uncle’s dog, so my uncle let me have his choice of the litter.  There were about 10 puppies and I called the name Irish and Irish came running over.  On the way back home we hit a huge snow storm so when we got home we had to stop at the end of the driveway and I had to carry Irish up to the house.  The first night he woke up about 2am and all he wanted to do was play.  He was always a hyper dog, but was a great dog.  When I went off to college he stayed with my parents and continued to be an awesome watch dog.  If a dog or a person was on the edge of my parents property, Irish would bark.   He was always good with children and loved jumping into my parents vegetable garden and eating peas.  I’m really going to miss him.  The last time I saw him was last Christmas, which is hard. Below are some pictures of Irish along with a video.  I’ll miss you buddy.  


These past couple of weeks I was able to put more focus on the documentation for Deki and was able to launch the following space:  I’m very pleased with how it turned out and and continuing to polish off the user manual so that our documentation will have a solid structure that will make it easier to expand.  I really like doing documentation as the ultimate goal is to help people better understand the product, which helps with adoption and decreases case load as things are explained better.  

Last weekend Pam’s friends were out here visiting and it was a lot of fun.  Pam and I hadn’t had a weekend like it in a while as she has been busy with school.  I’m looking forward to winter break and ultimately her graduation so that we can have more time to explore and go to the beach.  

We officially started the home purchasing adventure, we put a bid down on a place, we shall see if the sellers accept it.  It is exciting as both Pam and I are ready to have our own place.  Our landlords have been awesome, but we want to be able to change the house as we see fit, along with not worrying about moving.  

Other than that I’ve been keeping up with my RSS feeds and working on backing up my computer as it seems like it is starting to go out.  I installed Ubuntu on it as dual boot, so that I can configure it and see if it will work out for what I need.

Otherwise things have been going well.

People that spend the least, expect the most

In my years in the Hospitality industry, selling things on eBay, and doing Free Lance work, the one thing I’ve come down to is that people that spend the least amount of money or get the biggest discount on a product/service will expect the most and take up the most amount of your time.  A perfect example of this is when I worked in  hotels.  The people that stayed at the hotel and paid full price for their room were courteous and didn’t burden the employees at the front desk or the rest of our staff.  Now the people that got the hotel room on Hotwire or Priceline for $30/night, they were ornery, demanding, and didn’t tip.  Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but there is one thing I want you to take from this:

“If you have a cheap service, then you will get cheap people that will eat up all of your time.  If you have an expensive service then you will get an evenly balanced request of your time”  

The core issue of the quote above is that people who are always driving for a bargain and pushing to get every penny out of every service have time to pursue it and ergo time to bug you.  Someone that has a higher budget typically has better things to do then to try and take advantage of the service/product.  

One stipulation that needs to be made is that the above information assumes that the product or service that is being presented has value and isn’t cheap.

House Hunting

Recently Pam and I have started to look at homes to buy.  Both of us are tired of paying rent and want to upgrade as far sq ft.  It is interesting to see that even in this downturn economy, the short sales/foreclosures are still relatively expensive, especially in comparison to the midwest prices that both of us are used to.  The prices are mainly due to the fact that the banks are trying to get as much as they can from all of the failed mortgages that they coerced people into signing years back.  We’re hopeful that we can find a good sized place for a decent price that can be a step up from where we are at now.  Originally we wanted a house as opposed to a condo, but now we are leaning more towards the condo because of the availability, prices, and location.  We’ll see how things go.