Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone.  I’m chilling with Pam tonight, watching movies and relaxing.  My knee is hurting, so that means rain is a comin 🙂   Today I dressed up for Halloween.  I went as “Is It Friday Man”.  Mild mannered Support agent Corey Ganser leads a double life, spreading the good news about Friday as..

“Is It Friday Man”

Feeling good about progress

Today was a productive day on many fronts.  Today we brought on a new Support Engineer at MindTouch who is going to help with cases and documentation.  This is going to be great as I’ve been working on increasing the documentation for Deki so that it is easier to get started.  Keep an eye on the MindTouch blog as I will announce it once it is launched.  

I’m also feeling good about playing catchup for my personal todo.  Even though I’d enjoy documenting more.  Believe it or not, I am one of the few out there that actually enjoy documenting my work.  Note: I like to document my work, not others 😉  

I’m going to be working more on www.coreyganser.com to add more notes about Linux tips and tricks.  I’m trying to make it a good resource not only for me, but for anyone else that is trying to get into Linux.  Also I will be working on putting together a Mythbox over the next couple of months.  I say a couple of months because I know how easily I can get wrapped up into things.  I’ll do a blog post and wiki write up on my exact steps in case anyone else wants to try it.  I’ll be starting with a VMware image, so it should be interesting.  

Otherwise it feels good to get a blog post in here and there.  I need to write more often as I’ve been slacking in that arena.

Awesome Birthday!

I had an awesome birthday.  First I got to sleep in, which is always great.  Then Pam woke me up with balloons and coffee cake(super sweet).  I opened some presents and talked to family on the phone.  Then I went to Coronado and laid on the beach for a while.  It was a beautiful day, around 77 degrees.  After that we came back to our place, had some lunch, and then went to Torey Pines.  I hadn’t been to Torey pines before so it was really neat walking around and seeing the view.  After that we came back and got ready and then went to Fred’s for Dinner.  As always I got really full on the chips and their huge burrito.  After Dinner we went to “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist”.  Hilarious movie, I definitely recommend.  Came back and chilled at home, had some birthday Brownies with whipped cream and watched Constantine.  Then went to bed while watching “Beast of a Billion Backs”  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.  The best part of it was the fact that Pam put her homework aside and took the day off to spend it with me.  It has been a while since we have been able to spend a Saturday together.  It was great!  Thank you to everyone who called, emailed, and wrote me for my birthday.  I felt very special with everyone remembering my birthday.

Here I am with my Bday brownie and Corey at Torey:

Cool PDF import extension for Open Office 3.0

I started messing around with Open Office 3.0 tonight.  There is a sweet extension for it called the PDF import It allows you to import a PDF document into Open Office Draw, and change it.  This is awesome as before, one would have to have an Adobe product in order to edit a PDF.  I encourage you to download Open Office 3.0 and try out this extension.


Well I haven’t written in a while as I’ve been super busy.  Work has been crazy with new customers coming on, new deployments, and the release of 8.08.1  In my personal life I’ve started to look at homes in San Diego.  It is fun to look into the housing market out here.  Also my bday is coming up…which is always fun as anyone that knows me knows that my birthday is a month long celebration.  I mean come on…me being born is a pretty big deal to everyone that LVTs.  Pam has been super busy with her school work, internship and job.  I don’t know how she does it, but she is doing it well.  As for me, “I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is”1


1 Forrest Gump

White Lion Concert

I went to the White Lion concert on Tuesday and it was awesome!  I’ve listened to White Lion since I was a kid as it was one of my Dad’s and Older brother’s favorite bands.  Mike Tramp, the lead singer of White Lion, sounded just like he did in the CDs I listened to when I was young and put on a great performance.  I hope they continue to tour and hopefully can make it to the Midwest so that possibly my Dad and Brother can go see them.

Open Office 3 is available!

I’ve been waiting for Open Office 3 for a while for one of its best features, compatibility for Microsoft Office 2007 files.  For those of you that don’t know, Open Office is an Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office.  It is very easy to use and includes the full suite that you would get with Microsoft Office.  You can download the newest version of Open Office here.  It hasn’t been officially announced yet so if you go to www.OpenOffice.org it will be the previous version.  Anyone that currently has Microsoft Office, I encourage you to try this out.

My Brother painting with Chocolate

My Brother amazes me with his creativity and talent.  The following video shows him painting with chocolate on plates.  Towards the end you’ll see 4 different paintings.  The camera work is really fun in this too…reminds me of the old school movies…I was almost expecting a cue card to pop up with what he was saying.  Anyways, enjoy the video:



Neil Diamond was awesome!

Last night I went to the Neil Diamond concert at the Sports Arena here in San Diego and it was awesome!  This was the first time that I saw Neil Diamond in concert and he sounded just like his CDs…which is a good sign of a great entertainer.  He really got the crowd into the concert and sung a lot of his great hits.  This was an early Bday present from Pam.  Next week I have the White Lion concert that I’m really looking forward to.  I doubt that they will sing it, but it would be awesome if they sing War Song.  

Otherwise I’ve been really tired lately from work.  I’ve been working on documentation and getting ready for a new support agent to come on, which is going to help out a lot.  In the meantime I’m getting ready for the next minor release of MindTouch Deki and can’t believe that it is October.  

Save money on phone bills by getting a skype phone

Why waste money on home phone service or even vonage for that point, when you can get a Skype phone for $200 and an unlimited local and long distance plan for $2.99/month.  This doesn’t include a phone number though if you want people to call your phone.  That is an additional $60/year.  But when you break down the cost it comes out to $24.65/month for the first year.  That includes the cost of the phone which won’t be a factor for second year of service.  The second year then will only be $7.99/month.  Not bad when you consider the cost of phone service.  

You can read more at the Skype site.