TKG Strategic – Strategic Consulting for Startups and SMBs

Recently I worked with my Mom to launch her new website for her Consulting Company TKG Strategic.  Her consulting company focuses on Strategic Planning which helps businesses

  • Figure out a business model 
  • Grow their company to increase revenue
  • Utilize resources to their fullest
  • Set a path to have constant growth within the company
This is very beneficial for startups especially as the hardest thing is come up with an idea and then monetize it.  TKG Strategic does consulting over the Internet so you can be located anywhere.  Contact her today and maximize your earning potential or find out how to monetize your idea.  

Best Master Card Commercial

I saw a Master Card commercial the other day and it was a legitimate one too.  Here is the script (Mind you this is a baseball theme):

First base: $35

Second base $76

Third base $42

Home: Priceless

This seems like an innocent commerical, and I think that is why I couldn’t stop laughing.  If you don’t get it…talk to your parents 🙂

Finished Watching Avatar…Amazing!

I just finished the 3rd and final season of Avatar the Last Air Bender.  It was awesome.  Best cartoon Epic I’ve ever seen.  I’ve been watching it ever since it came out over a year ago.  I won’t ruin the ending, but I highly recommend it as it has some good lessons, good comedy, and a plot that you can lose yourself in.  I’m still in complete awe over how great it was.

Growth of a company

With the growth of MindTouch it is interesting to look back on the past 2 1/2 years and see all of the progress we have made along with the lessons that can be learned.  Some of these lessons include:

  1. Build the community first, they are the most important part of the product
  2. Have a SaaS offering, it is a easy and low barrier way to get people to use the software
  3. Blog, Tweet, and do anything that can increase awareness of the software
  4. Reduce the steps that it takes for a user to trial/use your product
  5. Spend time on documentation in the beginning, this will always move you ahead a couple of steps down the road
  6. Find people that love what they do, and make sure they do just that in the company
  7. Build networks that will benefit both parties
  8. Don’t restrict the software so that people are locked in
  9. Strive for excellence on every release and make sure that wherever you failed doesn’t occur again
I hope any other startups out there can take some of this advice and apply it to their businesses.  I’m sure you’ll find that these are some of the foundations to a good company.

Backing out of BlogWorld

I decided not to Go to BlogWorldExpo in Vegas.  This past weekend I was so busy that I didn’t have a chance to chill.  This week is just as crazy so I’m shooting to hang out at the beach this weekend and do nothing.  (crossing fingers)

On a side note, we just launched our new website at and it looks awesome!  Our website is running on MindTouch Deki, which makes it even cooler.

Jones Soda is sponsoring Blog World Expo!

I love Jones Soda and am super stoked that they are sponsoing Blog World Expo.  Maybe I can get a t-shirt…oh man that would be AWESOME!!

What a week…

This week was crazy.  A lot of installs and troubleshooting.  One thing that is becoming clearer is that SUSE is becoming a popular operating system.  I’ve never been a big fan of SUSE mainly because it is poorly documented from a console standpoint.  They document their GUI well, but for someone like me that is mucking around via shell, there isn’t a lot of help.  I’m going to working on the documentation for Deki in the upcoming weeks with emphasis on SUSE to ensure that anyone that wants to install will understand possible hurdles that need to be addressed like http modules being disabled, Novell Apparmor, validation of correct dependencies, and the list goes on.

MindTouch is coming out with an announcement soon that I can’t talk about just yet, I’m under embargo 🙂  All I have to say is that it is really cool.  I might be able to go as far as saying that it is new functionality… although aren’t all announcements typically tied to functionality?

Pam has been working hard at school along with getting her feet wet at her new internship.  This is going to be a crazy year coming up…but it will be worth it.

On a cool side note, I will be going to  Blog World Expo next week with MindTouch.  This is one of the few conferences that I’ll be able to go to, mainly because I’m usually swamped during the week with support.  But since this in on the weekend, and in Vegas, I can make it over with the rest of the group.  It looks like Pam will be able to make it too…good times.  Make sure if you are at the Blog World Expo conference to stop by our booth and hang out…also check out the conference wiki, provided by MindTouch.

Other than that I’m going to try and play catchup this weekend on my side projects.  I have a lot of websites I’m helping build for family members and of course my php/mysql app…it is coming along.

Was skeptical about Google Chrome, but feel better now

When Google Chrome came out I was excited at first as it was super fast.  I was a tad annoyed as it was another browser in the already annoyingly saturated market that web designers have to take into consideration when designing.  Then I read an article about the TOS for Google Chrome and how they retained the right to use anything that you accessed in the browser.  This concerned me a lot, even to the point where I said that I didn’t want to get  a phone with Android.  It has been cleared up now though and it was an oversight by Google.  Read the following blog post for clarification on the issue:

Playing Catchup

This weekend I’m playing catchup.  The past week was crazy!  At work I was busting my butt to get out the new documentation for our recent release of MindTouch Deki Kilen Woods.  I have to say, it turned out great.  Check it out for yourself.  I’m going to be working hard on the rest of the User Manual to make sure it is coherent and clean.  Besides the release, I’ve been working on setting up Loopfuse, which is a cool marketing/sales tool.  This will supplement a lot of our workflows in SalesForce, so it is taking me a bit of time to make sure I cover all areas.  It will be a learning process.

I was also fortunate enough to have Pam’s family come out and visit.  It was great.  Every night we went out and had a good time.  Last night we went to the House of Blues and saw Wild Child, a doors cover band.  They were a good cover band and I had a blast.  I was very fortunate to go to the House of Blues as I found out that White Lion will be playing there on October 14th!  I’m a huge White Lion fan and am stoked to go see them.

If I have spare time I’m going to dive back into my side php/MySQL project I’m working on.

My Brother featured in the newspaper

My brother, the entreprenuerial artist, was featured in a local paper in Indiana.  It is really great to see the progress he has made as I’ve been there working hard with him to improve his business.  I’m in the process of redesigning his website, which I hope to have launched in the next couple of weeks.