Today I start training

Today I am going to start training for competing in Discus. I used to throw Discus in High School and loved the sport. In college I didn’t throw for the team. I’m now going to get back into throwing shape and start competing at Open Track and Field events. I’m super stoked about it and look forward to getting in shape for it. Currently my work outs consist of 40 min weight training. This will be extended and will focus more on my Core along with putting emphasis on my shoulders (I separated both shoulders playing football). It is great to have motivation again for working out and to have goals I can reach. As I start competing I will post my results here.

Pics from the weekend

Here are a couple of pics from the weekend.

Here I am kicking some Mole butt at Dave and Busters

Corey kicking some Mole butt

Here I am chilling at the South Coast Winery

At least we won’t run out of glasses…

Today Pam and I went up to Temecula, Southern California’s wine country, and checked out a couple of wineries.  First we went to Wilson Creek.  Pretty nice winery with beautiful scenery, and golden retrievers running around the grounds(awesome).  After Wilson Creek we explored a little further and went up to Lake Elsinore, wasn’t as impressive as I thought.  Came back to Temecula and went to the South Coast Winery, which was really nice and had a lot of space for chilling with a glass of wine.  Each winery gave us our own glass, so that brought the glass tally to 4.

On a technology side note, this was an all hands trip with my TomTom, ipod, new car stereo(playing the ipod through it), digital camera, and Camcorder.

After Temecula we started to head back to San Diego.  I was starting to get hungry so we decided to go to Dave and Busters.  We’ve been wanting to go for a while and were under the impression that is was a chuck e cheese for adults(only).  We were sorely mistaken about being for adults.  There were tons of kids there with the usual signs of kids being in a place: screaming, pushing their way past you, and of course…puke.

It was still fun and we earned enough tickets to get a couple of Dave and Buster Tumblers.  This brought the glass tally to 6.  On a side note…I broke the Wack a Mole high score…I was pretty proud of myself.

All in all it was a pretty cool day…will add some pics from our trip tomorrow.

Crazy week

This week was super busy.  All of the craziness is tied to the Kilen Woods release and my effort to clean up and improve the documentation that is available to our users.  Pam has the next week off but then she starts school full time the first week of September.  It is going to be crazy but will be great for Pam to really get into her program.

This weekend we are heading up to Temecula, which will be a good time.  When I get back I’ll post some pics on it.

The first week of Sept. Pam’s Family is coming out and it is going to be awesome.  I’m shooting to take some time off work to hang out.

Otherwise things are going well.

Amazon announces EBS (Elastic Block Store)

Amazon today announced the release of their EBS, persistent Storage, for their EC2 instances.  In the past you had to backup your EC2 instance to S3 as EC2 was temp storage and when you shut it down it lost of of its data.

This is a big step for Amazon becoming a player in the Cloud Computing arena.

Mozilla Developer Community running on MindTouch Deki

Mozilla just updated their Developer Community to go from Media Wiki to MindTouch Deki.  It looks great!  Check out the new MDC which is running on MindTouch Deki.

My stereo is installed and it is awesome!!!

So tonight my wire strippers finally came and they are sweet.  They are the kind that automatically adjust according to the wire thickness and then strip it automatically with the pull of the trigger.  Here is a picture of them:

After I used my sweet wire strippers I finished the installation of my stereo that I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for.  The wait was worth it.  The install went great and the sound of the stereo is pretty frickin sweet.  Here is a pick of the new stereo:

Pam and I went on a little driving test and drove over to Coronado listening to the new stereo.  We saw a cool sand castle while we were there.  Check it out:

Then as we were leaving we saw a couple of kids messing with the sand castle and cause some of the side to fall off a bit…not a lot, but it still made me mad.  Then when we were almost off the beach there were two kids peeing into the brush on the beach.  Parents: teach your kids basic etiquette.  If there is a hotel(the Del) about 100 yards from you…take your kid in there…don’t let them pee on a public beach.

Securely Access your Gmail

I’m playing catchup on my RSS feeds this weekend and ran into a great tip on CNET for Gmail that allows you to enable https by default.  This is definitely a good preventative meassure to take especially if you are using Gmail for your work.

Good deal on Mp3 player

CNET ran an article about a good deal on a 4GB Sandisk Sansa.  If you are interested in purchasing this refurbished MP3 player it will only cost you $39.99, that includes Free Shipping.  Buy it now at

What a messed up Saturday

This morning I was woken up at 9:13 to the sound of our new neighbors(vacationers in the rental condo next door).  The new neighbor is a family with some kids.  Not as bad as the smokers, but still not something I like to wake up to.  I went out to the tv room and had some breakfast and then decided to go to the Post Office to pick up a package that was being held because it wasn’t delivered(it wasn’t my wire strippers, those are coming on Monday).  While waiting in line at the Post Office the people in front of me got in an argument with some people behind me about how long they were taking at the window.  After this I came back home and waited for Pam to get done with work.  We then went to the beach and hung out there.  We hung out there for a while and then came back to our place.  Pam got really burnt on her back.  We then decided to go out to eat and then go see a movie.  We walked to the Gaslamp and decided to pick a restaurant when we got there to try something new.  This was a bad idea.  We went to The Calaco Grill and were disappointed.  Their food was ok except Pam didn’t get what she ordered.   Their recommended Margarita was really bad.  I think it was the tequilla they used.  Once we were done with dinner we went to the movie theatre to watch the Dark Knight which was great.   The kicker was we tried to get into the theatre around 6:54 for a 7:30 movie and the guy that was taking tickets wouldn’t allow us in because it was earlier than 30 min before the movie.  You could tell that it was his first day because he was running by the book and was struggling with where the theatres were.  So I had to leave the theatre for 6 min so that I could then come back to get in.  We got into the theatre and saw the movie, which was good, and then left.  On the way home passed a couple of people screaming to themselves.  Feel good to be home now.  What a day.