Search across WHOLE Chat history in Skype

Skype has an experimental feature that will allow you to search across your whole Skype chat history which is great because if you don’t remember who you talked to about something, then you are SOL.  It can take a bit of time depending on your chat history…mine is about 2 years old and large.

To enable the search follow the steps here:

If you are not familiar with how to add registry files to windows do the following:

Start -> Run -> regedit

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesSkypePhone within the registry editor and then drag and drop the enabled registry file that you downloaded from the link above to the window.  This will pop up with a message saying that the registry value has been activated.

Once this is done shutdown Skype and then restart.

Under Chats there is a new link called Historic Chats.  This will allow you to search across all of your chats.

Very excited about this.

New neighbors every week

The condo next to mine is a vacation rental and must be advertising on (doesn’t look like it is taken, grab it while it is hot).  We’ve had screaming kids with parents that think it is cool if they scream because they are on vacation(how cute).   The most recent tenants go through about 2 packs of cigarettes a day which is really annoying because the wind comes off the bay and filters into our condo.  I’m not super sensitive to smoke and enjoy the occasional cigar, but I don’t like smoke in my home, especially when I don’t have control over it.  To cap it all off it looks like the AC is going out which means when they smoke I have to close my door, which usually cools off the condo great, and burn up inside.  Sometimes I feel like smoking is almost a violation of Freedom of Speech, when it affects other people.  I’m cool with smoking in designated spots and even smoking in your condo(inside the condo), but in close quarters that condos are, smoking outside just ruins it for a lot of people.

But summer is finishing up soon which hopefully will put an end to the vacationers (crossing fingers).  This is definitely a big deterrent to living in Condo, along with the ability to hear people next door(building isn’t as sound proof as once thought).

Run Multiple Internet Explorers next to each other – Without virtualization

Here is a great post I stumbled upon today for installing multiple versions of IE natively on your computer.  This doesn’t require virtualization and is a fun little hack for testing your website.  It only runs on XP (with a chance on Server 2000 with a hack).

Earthquake in San Diego

An Earthquake just occurred in San Diego that was a repercussion from one that hit in LA.  It was a 5.8 Magnitude earthquake.  You can view more info about it here.  This was my first earthquake and it was pretty cool.  The blinds were shaking in the office so it was a pretty good size for down here.

Another Great Weekend

This weekend was great.  I was able to test out our new GPS and it works pretty good.  It takes a little bit to get used to, but will be helpful for Pam when she starts her internship and will increase spontaneity for our weekends if we want to travel.  The past couple of weekends Pam and I have been doing a new ritual where she gets to pick a movie to watch and I get to pick a movie to watch.  Typically the movies are the watch now on Netflix.  This is great because even though Pam and I have similar tastes for movies, there are still ones that we might not be in the mood for or might not want to see, but so far we have both been pleasantly surprised with each other’s choices.  This previous weekend Pam picked La Vie En Rose (La Môme in French), which was great.   I picked Modern Problems, which looked promising as Chevy Chase is in it, but it wasn’t that good at all.  The story had potential but it went in a weird direction.

We also got a new stereo for our car.  The factory one stopped playing CDs, which isn’t good as I like to listen to music when I drive.  We got a good one at Best Buy and I ordered the wire harness and mounting kit from eBay.  It will be fun to get back into some car stereo installation.  Today Pam and I went to Phantom of the Opera at the San Diego Civic Center, which was fun.  It has been a while since Pam and I have made it to the theatre.

Last week was pretty crazy.  Half of the office was up in Portland for OSCON and will now be back this week.  It will be good to have everyone back to play catchup.

On the side I’ve been working with my brother on revamping his sites and documenting his business operations to improve clarity of the procedures along with learning on where improvements can be made.

MindTouch announces Kilen Woods

Today MindTouch accounced the upcoming release Kilen Woods.  It is going to have a ton of killer mashup plugins with it including a SalesForce, SugarCRM, and Access DB plugin.  In addition to this, their is a redesign of the Control Panel which will allow for easier administration of MindTouch Deki.  I’m very excited about this new release and see it as a milestone for great things to come.  I encourage anyone reading this to Dig this to help build awareness about MindTouch Deki and Kilen Woods.

SalesForce Data Export isn’t all of your Data

I’m in the process of backing up my SalesForce Data to clean it up so that we don’t hit out 1GB limit as another gig costs $1500(which is pretty insane for 1GB of storage).  In the process of doing an export of SalesForce through their Data Export page in the Control Panel I found that the data I exported was only 230MB where our usage in SalesForce was 961MB.  I called up support and found out that you have to tell them that you want a Full backup of your account in order for them to activate this “feature”.  This is very misleading as the wording for the export section is as follows:

SalesForce Export wording

This is something that frustrated me as when I talked to the support guy about this he explained that the export I did was just the “basic information, not the full export”.  Anyone that is interested in backing up SalesForce, make sure you request the Full Backup feature, to ensure you don’t leave anything behind.

RefreshSD, cool time

RefreshSD was help at MindTouch tonight and it was a cool turnout.  This was the first time I’ve made it to this event and I had a great time.  I’m definitely going to try and make it to the next one.

One site that we talked about tonight that I think is pretty sweet is favtape.  Pretty slick.

The Weekend was awesome

This weekend was very chill and awesome.  Pam was feeling under the weather on Friday and Saturday so we decided to watch a lot of movies this weekend.  Friday we watched Secret of My Success(with Michael J Fox) 5 stars, Saturday we saw Charade (With Audrey Hepburn and Cary grant) 3-4 stars, after Charade we watched Pan’s Labyrinth (which was in Spanish) 4-5 stars.  Sunday we went to the dog beach at the end of Coronado and sat and watched the dogs was hilarious.  A golden retriever came by and put his head on my shoulder and just stood there.  It made me miss my dog that is at my parents.  He is a Golden Retriever/Lab mix.  Here is a pic of him:

His name is Irish.

Then Sunday night we went and saw Wall E.  That was also awesome.  5 Stars.  By Sunday Pam was feeling better but she is still recovering.

I hope the week to come is as fun as the weekend.

Oh yeah…I also bought a GPS that should be coming in the mail soon.  I’m super stoked about it.  I got it for Pam as he internship will take her all around San Diego and she needs a reliable source for directions.  I’ll talk more about the GPS I bought in a future post, but I ended up getting a TomTom.  It was quite an evaluation period.