Get smarter with Answers Plugin for FireFox

In a given day I’m looking up words a couple of times which requires me to copy paste, put it into Google and search.  With a new add on I found, Answers, you can hit CTRL and then click on the work you want to look up.  It pops up with a cool window on top of the word with definition and info out of wikipedia in some instances.  This will help save a ton of time if you are constantly looking up words.

How to export your Google Reader Starred List to

I was organizing some stuff on  my computer today and was catching up on some RSS feeds.  I’m a huge fan of and use the awesome Delicious Bookmarks for Firefox which allows you to easily add pages to your account.  Something I wanted to do though was to move my items that I have starred in Google Reader to my account.  Here are the steps you can follow so that you can do it too:

  1. Go into Google Reader and click on Settings
  2. Once in settings click on Tags
  3. Underneath Tags there is a listing called your Starred Items, Select it and change the sharing to Public
  4. Once that is done click on view page
  5. Click on the RSS feed for this page
  6. go back to google reader and see how many actual items you have in your feed list
  7. whatever the count is append the RSS feed with ?n=number of feeds Mine was: ?n=241
  8. You’ll get an xml output, take the url for that page and load it into FireFox as a Live Bookmark
  9. This will load up all of the entries into FireFox.
  10. Once this is done, make sure that Bookmarks is installed – This speeds up things a lot
  11. Click on Organize Bookmarks under Bookmarks
  12. Go to the section that your Google Reader Starred items are located
  13. Select All and click the button that says Import into Delicious
  14. You can auto tag the entries with one tag so you can sort through them later, or let Delicious Bookmarks tag them for you

Now you have all of your bookmarks under one roof.

Good Deal on a gOS Laptop

TigerDirect has a deal on a gOS laptop for 9.  Not a bad deal!  It comes with 1 Gig of Ram and a 1.2 ghz processor.  On top of that it only weighs two pounds.  Nice for a laptop on the go.

Another blog I contribute to…

In case you can’t get enough of me, you can read up on my posts at the MindTouch company blog.  Here is a link to all of my posts on the blog.  Also subscribe to the main MindTouch Blog feed as you’ll get tips, release notices, and more about MindTouch Deki.

Going to See Frank Sinatra Jr. Tonight

Tonight at the Embarcadero in San Diego at 7:30, the San Diego Symphony will be playing with Frank Sinatra Jr. all of the Frank Sinatra Classics.  I am super stoked as I’m a huge Frank Sinatra fan and his son sounds just like him.  This is going to be great

Who is on your network?

I’ve been paranoid lately as someone hacked into my network a couple of months ago.  Because of this I’ve taken certain security measues with my network.  One thing I do is check my router active DHCP list to see if there is anyone accessing my network that shouldn’t be.  I found a site that looks up MAC addresses to give you an idea of what it belongs to.  This is helpful as I occasionaly have renegade MAC addresses.  I was able to determine that they are associated with my Virtual Machines that I run on my computer.  Here is the readout from the MAC address lookup site:

   MAC Address
   Prefix         Vendor
   000C29       VMware, Inc.

This definitely helps reassure that no one is breaking my network.

I’m featured on Business Week…

Less than a month ago I commented on an article on Business Week about “8 Things We Hate about IT”.  I was stressing that IT are the innovators and that ultimately there shouldn’t be hatred.  You can read my comment here along with a cool pic of me which some of the people at work say I look like I’m out of the matrix.

Fun night at the Padres game

Tonight I went out to the Padres game with Pam and a couple from work. It was a good game, even though the Padres loss to the Twins 3-1. I’m convinced the reason why the Padres lost is that when Trevor Hoffman came out to close they didn’t play Hells Bells, which is what he usually enters to. This messed with his vibe, and Twins got two homeruns off of him. Oh well…maybe tomorrow Padres will rally. Nice night out, temps are cooling off which is better for sleeping.

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is my One Year Anniversary of Marriage to my amazing wife Pam.  It is crazy to think that a year has passed already.  Pam and I watched our wedding video last night along with a power point that my brother put together with pictures through the years of both of us.  It brought some happy tears to my eyes remembering the day and how great everything was.  I love my wife very much and am very lucky to have her in my life.

Why is YouTube denying Videos?

Lately I’ve noticed that YouTube has been denying a lot of video requests, especially for embedded videos.  This is needless to say…quite frustrating. The kicker is that a couple of minutes later it will play…sounds like some issues with scaling.  **Note: the videos that are being denied are not copy written.

YouTube denying to play movies