SketchUp – Poor man’s CAD

I ran into SketchUp today which is a 3d model software. Really easy to use and a lot of fun to mess around with. Here is a house I did in it in about 4 min.
This is a great tool for laying out a room, designing an addition, or messing around on a lazy Saturday 🙂

Awesome weblebrity music video by Weezer

Check this out…so many weblebrities:

How to get a website look to your MindTouch Deki deployment

A lot of people are using Deki as a CMS. It is easy to manage, easy to update, and powerful with the extensions. I used Deki for my brother’s site that focuses on his performance art: If you look at the site you’ll notice that it looks like a normal website. I was able to easily create this using the CSS overrides for Deki which are found in the control panel under Visual Settings. Below is the code that you would post in your CSS site Styles override. Something to notice is that this will remove all of links to the login pages so to login append your url with /Special:Userlogin. Disclaimer: This isn’t a perfect implementation of the CSS but it will get your wiki looking like a website fast. For a more professional implementation look at Deki CMS.

html body div.header div.mast,html body div.header div.mastPre,html 
body div.header div.mastPost {       display:none;}
html body div.body div.pageBar {           display:none;}

html body.user-loggedin div.body div.pageBar {           

html body div.body, html body div.body 
div.file, html body div.body div#comments, html body div.body div.pageInfo 

html body.user-loggedin div.body, html body div.body div.file, html body div.body div#comments, html body div.body 
div.pageInfo {   display:block;}

html body.user-loggedin div.body, html body div.body 
div.file, html body div.body div#comments, html body div.body div.pageInfo 

html body div.body, html body div.body div.file, html body 
div.body div#comments, html body div.body div.pageInfo {display:none;}

html body div.header div.siteNav #siteNavTree {display:none;}html body.user-loggedin 
div.header div.siteNav #siteNavTree {display:block;}

html body div.header div.mastPre, html body div.header div.userAuthPre, html body 
div.header div.navPre {display:none;}html body div.header div.mastPost, html body 
div.header div.userAuthPost, html body div.header div.navPost {}

html body div.header div.mastPost, html body div.header div.userAuthPost, html body 
div.header div.navPost {display:none;}

html body div.header div.siteNav div.userAuth {display:none;}

html body div.body div.bodyHeader {background-image:url(none);background-position:right 

html body div.body div.bodyHeader div.pre {background-image:url(none);}

html body div.body div.siteNav {display:none;}html body.user-loggedin div.body div.siteNav 

New URL Same Great Blog

A weekend ago I decided to buy so that I can have a site to link to from my blog when I do documentation and so that I have a smaller url for my blog. You can now reach my blog by going to For all you people out there that have diligently entered, thank you for your persistence and support. Nothing will change with the blogs content except that I may make it shorter and reference info on my main site, which btw is running Mindtouch Deki Wiki.

Recap on Memorial Weekend

This was a sweet weekend to play catchup. I completed a big project of transfering 10 Mini DV tapes to DVD. I documented it on my new wiki that is under construction right now(ignore the background for now…still messing around with it 🙂 ). Pam and I drove around a bit too and went to the beach…it was a good relaxing weekend. Ready to jump back into work.

My iPod froze…

My iPod froze today right when I went to start my workout. It was very frustrating. So I cut my workout short and came back up to my place to figure out how to fixe it. I used the following page at Zolved to fix it. A very handy resource to have. Check it out.

Get RSS notifications of keywords in Twitter

Have you ever wanted to see if people were mentioning your product or company on twitter but don’t have time to run tweetscan every hour. Use Summize. Summize is a very easy to use Twitter search engine that kicks out an RSS feed so that you can receive notificaitons anytime someone mentions anything that matches your search. This was rrecently integrated as part of Get Satisfied which ties in this component to your company profile to be site that focuses on the Customer Service aspect of the company.

Farecast RIP – bought out by Microsoft

Farecast has been acquired by Microsoft. If you are not familiar with Farecast, it is an awesome travel site that can give predictions of best time to buy along with compiling deals from other sites. I’m hoping that it’s ability to search and find airfare doesn’t fall under the Live algorithm. Only time will tell.

SEO for websites

We’ve been talking a lot about SEO at work and I thought I’d throw up some tips for everyone out there on some key points for SEO. SEO is a lot of luck and constant tuning. Here are some initial steps to focus on for the initial setup.

  1. Make a list of competitors and keywords that you want to go after.
  2. Set a realistic goal for position on first page

Once you have an idea of the keywords and competitors that you want to go after do the following:

  1. Make sure all of your images have alt tags that incorporate your keywords somehow, but are still relavent to your content
  2. Make sure that the title for your site is comprehensive of what you offer and don’t be afraid to add a summary with keywords
  3. Add meta keywords in the header of your website
  4. Make sure your content is relavent and links to high value content within and outside of your website
  5. Make sure you comply with Google’s sitemap requirements and submit your sitemap to google to be crawled
  6. Blog, Blog, Blog – Link a blog to your site and do constant posts that link back to your main site to drive more traffic to your site and to build contextual relavence
  7. Setup alerts for your keyword content online and be prevalent in forums and other communities
  8. Setup external profiles that reference your site within communities that are related to your keywords and industry
  9. Keep your content up to date – Make sure there aren’t dead links, pics up to date, and refresh the content to be relavent with the dynamics of your keywords

The biggest thing to focus on is that SEO isn’t about ranking higher in search but instead getting more people to visit your site, so make sure when they get to your site that there is actually something worth seeing.

Geotag wikipedia content to create a virtual tour guide

This past weekend I was on vacation in MN and I went past a couple of obscure buildings that were really old. I was interested in their previous uses along with their history. Here is a business opportunity for someone, anyone can have it, all I ask is that I get to be an advisor 🙂

Create a website that feeds off of wikipedia and google maps so that someone can enter an address, or zoom in on a map to see building and then click on them to learn more. This would be very easy as you would be able to query the content at wikipedia to find the building and then sync it up to the record that can be found at google. Allow the community to verify the content, via pics and voting, as addresses can vary along with construction etc.

This would lend itself to being a great tour guide for anywhere as you could hook it up to your iphone(or other smart device that has geo positioning on it) and it would automatically pop up with information about building within a certian mile radius near you. If you tag the entries appropriately then a user can narrow their choices of building/monuments that they want to learn more about.

The reason I’m posting this on my blog is that it is probably already out there, and if it isn’t I’d like someone to take the idea and run with it. I honestly don’t have time to even start looking into it, let alone start developing it. As stated above, all I ask is to be on the advisor board if someone decides to move ahead with this, if this already exists please comment and let me know.