Another Fatal Shark Attack

There was another fatal shark attack less than a week after the one I posted on earlier. This one was off the coast of Mexico on the pacific side. This is kind of scary to have two fatal shark attacks. The first shark attack was by a Great White. This one was by a Tiger Shark.

Web 2.0: What it stands for or what it is called?

A lot of people have been blogging lately about the Web 2.0 and how the end is coming. I too have speculated on the same thing. The one thing that frustrates me the most is that people care more about what to call it as opposed to what it is/does. The Web 2.0 phenom sparked an explosion of tech businesses that were supposed to help businesses, big and small. The reason why there is a lot of uncertainty in regards to if it is going to end soon is that a lot of businesses have values themselves on the basis of a social business model, where in money is tied to people connecting on a personal level with friends and business acquaintances. There is money to be made in this arena too, but to lump all of these businesses together under one category is over kill.

I watch the site Killer Startups and see a slew of start ups posted daily, and some are utterly worthless but still categorize their business under the web 2.0 umbrella. The umbrella won’t break or fold out, but eventually the businesses that truly are Web 2.0 will get bigger and push all of the faux businesses into the rain where they will drown.

Sorry for the depressing writing style on this post, but it frustrates me that people spend sooo much time worrying about naming as opposed to focusing on the technology that sparked the name.

All I have to say is wow

Fatal Shark attack about 30 miles north of San Diego

a 50-60 year old triathlete was fatally attacked in Solana beach today as reported via the Associate Press. There has been a fatal shark attack in this area since 1959, according to the International Shark Attack file.

This is kind of freaky as there has been increased activity of possible shark attacks on marina animals too with a reported seal being washed up on a la jolla beach with its head missing.

queue JAWS music.

Facebook includes chat in the browser

Facebook has included live chat within the browser so that you can now chat with your friends online. This is something that has been a long time coming and has had a bunch of applications before trying to fill the void. In my opinion it is about time. Kudos to Facebook.

eBay is Suing Craigslist, should be other way around

eBay just filed a lawsuit against Craigslist with claims that Craigslist is trying to dilute the control eBay has over it. In my opinion Craigslist should file a counter suit because of Kijiji, a blatant eBay knock off of Craigslist. It always makes me mad when large corporations come in and start pushing around companies. Mind you Craigslist is actually a large company that reported around $20 Million dollars in revenues for last year, which comes from job postings in a few metropolitan areas. Regardless, with eBay’s recent increase in fees and now this, the golden autioneer is starting to become tarnished.

LVTC is ecofriendly

With it being Earth Day I thought I’d mention that the color of LVTC helps the earth by using less energy as monitors require less energy to display black. Here is a post done by Read Write Web that talks more about Green Search Engines and how black background can help with reduce energy consumption by monitors.

Now you can get your own kid through the claw game

You know those claw games that hey have at restaurants and arcades. The game that you spend $10 to try to grab a stuffed animal. Well recently the prize was increased to a boy. Check out the video:

Use the alias for gmail

Many times I’ve wanted to get another gmail account for junk filtering when I sign up for services. There is another way to do this. If you have a gmail account you can use your prefix and use This will allow you to filter out emails to this.

Ex: if your gmail is: [email protected] then you can use [email protected] and it will still be delivered to your gmail account.

Try it out, it will help sort out junk and keep your gmail squeaky clean.

Acqua Vista Needs to Get rid of Valet

I’m always watching the market in San Diego for pricing on condos. I currently live in Little Italy and love it there. One condo complex that I’ve always looked at is Acqua Vista. They have decent amenities, fair layout of condos, and are very reasonably priced. There is one reason why I will never consider buying there, Valet Parking. Not only does this inflate the HOA fees but I don’t like someone else in my car, period. Recently I went to the Acqua Vista HOA site and saw a notice that sealed the deal for me:

Every owner who purchased a unit within this community did so
with the understanding that a valet system was in place, and that you had to
utilize it while it was active in the community. Therefore if you attempt to
Self Park your vehicle you will be in violation of 16.5 of the Rules and
Regulation which states the following:
Valet parking is not an option, you may not Self Park.The Board has asked
Valet Management to strictly enforce this rule and report all violators.”

To think that if I want to park my own car because I don’t want some kid getting in it and messing with my stuff is in violation of their HOA rules, makes me never want to live there until they get rid of it. I’ve talked with many other real estate aficionados in San Diego and they agree with this.

Acqua Vista, if you want your community to increase in valuation and residence, Get Rid Of Valet!