Old Dogs can learn new tricks…

Microsoft has an area on their official website where they talk about the open source software that they use:

Maybe they are starting to come around…

100,000 Deki Wikis…out of control!!

There have been over 100,000 deployments of MindTouch Deki Wiki to date. It seems like only last year that Deki Wiki was being downloaded for the first time…oh wait it was! Deki Wiki is growing exponentially as seen by the statistics on the project at SourceForge

At the current rate we could potentially double this number by the end of this year. Pretty Impressive!

Microsoft Values Facebook, in more than one way

With the recent inquiry of investment by Microsoft into Facebook, the valuation of the company has exceeded 10 Billion dollars. Facebook has built an impressive platform and business model. Using a business model that allows a SaaS offering and at the same time opening it to the developer community to create applications to integrate with it. Similar to what Salesforce has done with AppExchange.

When it comes down to it, this business model is ideal for Web 2.0 companies as it allows the company to focus on what they do best, in Facebook’s instance: social networking, and leaves the integration of other great services to the community. Recently there was a blog post by ThinkFree about focusing on doing what you do best and allowing integration with third party applications through the development of extensions. He was referencing MindTouch Deki Wiki‘s new integration with Think Free

Lightweight Firefox Browser

Check out this lightweight firefox browser

It is awesome and is a portable App, which is my new passion. I’m running thunderbird as portable and now firefox, this is great.

Learn how to speak a foreign language

Mango is an online Flash based website that allows you to run through tutorials on foreign languages. I signed up and was pleased with the presentation and the layout of the lessons. I’ve used Rosetta Stone before and think this is more intuitive. Try it out, it is free to sign up and use.

International Talk like a Pirate Day

Check out the page I added to my wiki on today:

What happened to Wired?

When I started working in the technology industry I was on the Wired website everyday as they had good insight into technology. Recently I’ve noticed that they have been way off in their editorials and have been instigating smear campaigns against Firefox and other open source companies. Has Wired not kept up with the industry trends in regards to moving away from typical enterprise technology and embracing Open Source and Web 2.0?

Check out the new Music Site…Download for Free

So Spiral Frog recently launched with an interesting business model. It is similar to Napster in the way that it allows you to download a song and put it on a portable device or on your computer, except, Spiral Frog is Free. Like Napster it has a DRM timebomb in it so you have to login to your account every thirty days so that the music can refresh its license. They make their money off of advertising and it looks like they started off with some good songs to capture the main audience they are looking for. The one thing that kills me is when is someone going to come out with a site that allows you to download unlimited songs for your Ipod?

Thin Client Laptops

I was at a conference recently and was checking out a booth for Wyse Thin Computing
and was really interested in the benefits of thin computing as a majority of the resources for the computer, i.e. software and storage are managed at a centralized location. Benefits for business means that when an employee leaves it is easier to access their data for the next person to take over, downside is there may be some privacy infringement from the business to the employee. The Thin clients are beneficial to the environment though because they don’t need as much power and do not produce as much heat because there aren’t as many components to keep cool. Not only does this reduce the amount of energy it takes to power a laptop but it increases the longevity of its components. Keep an eye on this space over the next couple of years especially with the movement of the ASP model for software.

Open Source business model being adopted by all

Over the past couple of years many companies have adopted the open source business model in regards to how they market their software offering. These companies include MindTouch, Sugar CRM, Alfresco, WordPress, and MySQL to name a few. The business model is based around releasing the software to the community and adding services/support for the product. Services can range from different functionality to complete customization. Recently businesses that didn’t start in the open source community are starting to understand the benefits of releasing their software as it allows greater growth for the development of their product, allows bugs to be found easier and quicker, and also increase market share and awareness. The most recent company to add open source to their business model is VMware

VMware has a great offering as it is, but open sourcing their platform will help increase adoption of their product and make it easier for people to develop on top of the software. Watch out for other business to do exactly the same.